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Welcome to the Destiny Street Podcast, where we take the time to make sure you can "Learn yourself some Destiny".

Every first and third week of the month we will be releasing an episode of the podcast, which will have a word of the day, topic of the day, and tips from the crew on the podcast.

We will be streaming the episode recordings to a Mixer stream. All streams will be announced a week before they happen. You will be able to chat with us and ask questions before and after the Podcast recording.

We are taking a page out of an excellent Podcast and will also be doing this while swearing for charity and organizations that help the community. From local to larger charities, each of our swears will be $0.10 in their direction. At the end of a quarter, the money will be tallied up and sent to them.

Your hosts for the show go by their gamer tags, and are as follows.

Host and Director - SNETPhoenix (Phoenix)
PvP Specialist - DelayedLeek
PvE Analyst - Oi8oi (Oiboy)
Content Guru - Maple Gale
Casual Consultant - SoulStealer

We will also have polls for you to participate in, including voting on the word or topic of the day!

Submit suggestions to our email, and have fun! See you in July

Aug 13, 2017

This episode, Oi8oi and Phoenix are alone as SoulStealer and DelayedLeek are both sick.  Send them some love!

Word of the Day:  Blueberries
Those little blue dots on your radar aren't there just for delicious viewing.  They serve a purpose!

Big thank you to Watch Your Mouth Podcast and Bros & Dragons Podcast.

You can...

Jul 22, 2017



Your hosts discuss everything they have noted about the Destiny 2 Beta, their impressions, their hypes, and their concerns.

SPECIAL GUEST:  RayRay112511

Big thank you to Watch Your Mouth Podcast and Bros & Dragons Podcast.

You can follow us!


Jul 19, 2017


This episode of the Destiny Street Podcast SNETPhoenix, SoulStealer, and DelayedLeek are joined by Roxx Psycho and Knight Tamer in discussing Destiny 1 and their hype for the Destiny 2 Beta.

Word of the Day:  SQUEAKER
Don't worry, we do help Squeakers once in a while.  We're not exactly against them.

Big thank you to...

Jul 2, 2017


Thank's for listening to the very first episode of the Destiny Street Podcast, where we try and learn you some Destiny!

This Episode we talk about Kinderguardians! Kinda like what we are at this whole podcast scene.  We discuss as a skeleton crew the Plot for Vanilla Destiny (before the expansions) and...

Jun 10, 2017

Thank's for checking out the Destiny Street Podcast, where we help "Learn You Some Destiny".

Enjoy this introduction to the show, as we explain what we are all about.

You can contact us on Twitter (@destinystpod) and on our Facebook Page. You can email us at with any questions you may have....